Oral Appliances

Oral Appliances in La Habra, CA

To preserve the condition of your teeth, you need to protect them from damage; this ensures you have a beautiful, healthy smile for a lifetime. While performing an effective daily dental care routine is a proven method of maintaining your oral health, other potential problems can negatively affect the state of your teeth.

Some patients should use an oral appliance to make sure their teeth remain healthy and structurally sound. At the office of Patrick O’Connor, DDS we help patients continue enjoying their strong, aesthetically pleasing smiles by providing custom mouth guards.

If you are looking to protect your dental anatomy, contact our La Habra dental practice today to find out more about oral appliances.

When Would I Need a Dental Appliance?

Mouth guard, snore guards, and dental splints are recommended to address the following issues:

  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • TMJ Pain
  • Prevent the Blockage of Airways When Sleeping
  • Eliminate Snoring

Oral appliances for dental issues help create a protective barrier between teeth or to adjust jaw alignment. This helps to:

  • Prevent damage to the enamel
  • Alleviate pain and jaw clicking or popping from misaligned jaw joints/ TMJ
  • Relive difficult night time breathing

If a person does not utilize their oral appliance, they may notice significant wear and tear on teeth, or they might experience head, neck, and jaw pain. Dr. O’Connor recommends mouth guards to help patients continue their daily lives and enjoy renewed wellness and prevent the need for dental restorations in the future.

Getting Your Oral Appliance from Our La Habra Dental Practice

When patients come into our office and complain about pain in their neck and jaw or continuous headaches, we perform a thorough examination of their smile. If we notice unusual wearing down of the enamel, we take digital images of your dental anatomy. Our dentist does this so we can send these images to a dental lab so they may craft their custom appliances.

Having a mouth guard created for specific individuals ensures a secure fit and optimal protection of your dental anatomy. Dr. O’Connor personalizes oral appliances to ensures your smile is well cared for. Our oral appliances are comfortable and provide adequate protection to ensure your teeth do not sustain damage.

Learn More About Dental Appliances by Contact Our La Habra Practice!

Our dentist caters to the needs of his patients. We are committed to our patients’ smiles and overall well-being, which is why we create mouth guards to fit their unique needs. Whether you’re a teeth grinder, experience sleep-disordered breathing, or wish to prevent dental emergencies, oral appliances from the office of Patrick O’Connor, DDS, can help. Contact our La Habra dental practice for a consultation today!