Cosmetic Dentistry in La Habra for the Smile You Always Wanted

Improving the look of your smile can have many advantages. Besides the obvious aesthetic benefits, cosmetic dentistry can help patients increase their self-esteem and greet the world with confidence.

Dr. Patrick O’Connor provides quality cosmetic dentistry in La Habra and also serves Fullerton and La Brea with treatments that can enhance any smile. From small imperfections to missing teeth, our compassionate dentist can help anyone with aesthetic dental concerns.

A Wide Range of Cosmetic Dental Care Services

Cosmetic Dentistry La Habra, CA

Professional Teeth Whitening – a bright new smile is only an hour away with chairside whitening. We also offer take-home, professional-strength teeth whitening that delivers similar results in about two weeks.

Porcelain Veneers – when teeth have permanent stains, small cracks, chips, or mild misalignment, veneers can completely transform them into a stunning smile.

Crowns– to replicate the outer layers of a badly decayed or injured tooth, our dentist provides crowns crafted from a choice of materials.

Fixed Bridges – the quickest way to replace a tooth and restore function is with a fixed bridge. This restoration includes an artificial tooth that is secured in place by two adjacent teeth that have been fitted with crowns.

Dental Implants – for complete tooth replacement, restored dental implants replace both the root and visible portion of the tooth.

These treatments can be used alone or in combination with each other to maximize your time and minimize your investment. For instance, if you have external staining on all your teeth, and structural damage on one or two, we can whiten your teeth first, and then color-match two or more veneers. This practice is far more cost-effective than using veneers for all the front teeth.

Personalized Cosmetic Dental

Dr. O’Connor designs treatment plans according to the specific needs of his patients. He works hard to give them the most for their money while regularly exceeding expectations.

If you considering a cosmetic dentistry treatment in the La Habra area, call Dr. Patrick O’Connor Today!