Family Dentistry in La Habra, CA

The office of Patrick O’ Connor, DDS, invites you and your family to receive comprehensive, exceptional care from our friendly team. Our dentist, Dr. Patrick O’Connor, sees you as the person you are, no just another number. He creates custom treatment plans based around the unique aspects of your smile, making sure you achieve the desired outcome.

 No matter the age, our staff matches the right dental service to the person, ensuring they reach optimal oral health and aesthetic.

If you are searching for a dentist that meets the needs of every member of your family, look no further than our La Habra dental office! Our dentist and his staff do everything possible to address the different dental issues that affect patients throughout various stages of life.

Young Patients and Their Dental CareFamily Dentistry in La Habra

Our dental team makes sure to emphasize the essentiality of oral hygiene to children. We teach them how to properly care for their teeth and gums with an effective at home routine containing effective techniques. After a young patient’s permanent teeth have developed, we educate them on how to upkeep their oral health to ensure their beautiful smile lasts them a lifetime.

One proven method of preserving the dental anatomy of young patients is combining modern practices and regularly visiting the dentist every six months. Consistently attending biannual check-ups also prevents the development or progression of complications that would not only affect your smile, but one’s overall well-being as well.

When Dr. O’Connor finds an oral concern that has arisen in your child’s teeth and gums, he creates a treatment plan that himself and the young patient are comfortable with. Our dentist and staff do not begin treatment unless both he and the patient can move forward comfortably. He wants to make sure the parents and child understand the necessity of the dental service he is recommending.

The Smiles of Adults and the Elderly

As patients age into their adult years, we keep a meticulous record of their oral health to ensure we have an in-depth understanding of their oral health. With this inside knowledge regarding the unique aspects of their smile, we can effectively improve the condition of their teeth and gums. We enjoy watching our patients grow and are happy when they come to us for all their dental care needs.

With our personable approach to dentistry, we commit ourselves to enhance the function and aesthetic of your smile. Dr. O’Connor and the rest of our La Habra team make sure to include you as we devise a dental strategy, ensuring you remain comfortable even when undergoing the procedures. Our dentist has the skill and capability to address dental issues such as bruxism, misalignment, dental aesthetic imperfections, and missing teeth.

For those who have lost one or more of their teeth, we provide restorations that renew beauty and function. Our goal is to help patients continue their daily lives as they normally would, without having to feel self-conscious or troubled regarding their smile.

Bring Your Family to Our Relaxing Dental Practice!

If you would like to find out more about how we can care for the smiles of your family, contact the office of Patrick O’Connor, DDS, today! Our La Habra dental team makes every effort to ensure your loved ones have beautiful, healthy smiles.